• Emma Grinwalt
  • 01.05.1994
  • Баку,Азербайджан
  • Добро пожаловать!

Не хочу утомлять вас долгим предисловием,потому что писатель из меня никакой,но пару слов о себе все же напишу 🙂

Как и все начинающим фотографам(ну или любителям-как мне больше по душе себя называть),мне захотелось как-то систематизировать свои работы,и для этого после долгих раздумий,я решилась все же создать блог.Тематика блога соответственно-фотографии,и в основном это будут портреты людей.Если же вас заинтересовало мое творчество-не стесняйтесь отписываться-я всегда буду рада отзывам 🙂

Спасибо за внимание!

Emma Grünwald




Living in Azerbaijan(Baku),I’ve started to work with photoshop,just to experience how it is to create something new,being a self-taught person,without anybody’s help,whereas your peers don’t know anything about it.Three years later,I realised that I want not only to create posters,or do some effects,but also to work with live creatures,to reveal and show their beauty and character.In other words,I decided that I want to take photos and to illustrate things in the way I see them.I bought a cheep simple hand-held camera,and took it with myself everywhere I went.I have been shooting for a year everything I met))(basically cats)).Then a year later,I bought Canon 600D,and at the moment I try to shoot as more people as I can,and also to make some processes with photos,in order to make them more unusual.Mainly,I work with colours,because exactly colours create some atmosphere and mood in photos.And I try to do all these as more professionally as I can,because nowadays in our city it is very difficult to stand out a big crowd of people who shoot,an call themselves photographers.
At present,being an amateur-photographer,a self-taught person,and a girl-student of 18,I try as hard as I can,to differ and to climb at a higher level 🙂


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